How to Easily Edit Images without Photoshop

Talking about editing images, Photoshop will more likely be the first software coming to our mind. No doubts, the ability of this software are sophisticated. However, how if we don’t have Photoshop installed in our devices? Can we still edit images well? Yes, of course! Here is how to edit images without Photoshop:

– Canva
Don’t worry if you don’t have Photoshop installed in your computer as you have Canva. You don’t need to install anything to your device to be able to access this website for your web browser will do the job. This tool has been used by many Istagrammers and bloggers because this image editing tool is easy to use even if you have limited experience in editing an image on your computer.

Using this image editing tool, you can overlay text, shapes, icons, and borders onto your images. Besides, there are fifteen types of filters you can choose for your images. You can also adjust intensity, saturation, brightness, and many other elements of your images through this tool.

MacOS’ Preview and Photo– MacOS’ Preview and Photo
Are you an Apple product user? You don’t need Photoshop then! You already have built-in image editing software on your Mac. To add and edit your image, simply click or tap Markup button. To find the options of adjusting size and color of your image, click the Tools Menu. Once you are done retouching your images, export your images in any file format you want. If you use this app in your iPhone, you are able to play around with the feature of automatic enhancement, color parameters, and special filter effects.

Photoshop isn’t a sole app you can rely on in editing your images. Those two image editing tools are the answer to how to easily edit images without Photoshop. Editing images is now as easy as opening our browser or use the in-built app in our device.

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