The Best Free Graphic Design Software for Newbie

It is true that graphic design software can be quite expensive to purchase. Some of them may also be prohibited for those who are just starting the graphic design project. But, it doesn’t imply that they don’t have money to purchase or to subscribe the software. If you are looking for some free graphic design software, you can use one of the software below.

Image Editing Software– Image Editing Software
Though paid-for creative software such as Adobe Creative Cloud Suits is always recommended for a freebie, you can always go for the free edition to execute the groundwork. Although they are free, they have the best features which can be compared to some famous name packages.


– Canva
This image editing software can be operated by using the platform like Android, iOS and browser. Although being categorized under the image editing software, Canva is actually able to do more than that. It is a photo collage maker, learning source, font combination picker, colour palette tool, a photo editor, and also as the infographic maker which is equipped with hundreds of free fonts and design elements. To make it outstanding, Canva is also completed with full graphic design suite more than Adobe Creative Cloud can offer. The simplicity, the variety of valuable tools, as well as its inspiring learning assets what makes Canva stand out. You can use this software from your browser. However, if you are looking for more complete tools, you need to access Canva from your iOS and Android apps.

Photo Pos Pro– Photo Pos Pro
Other outstanding graphic design software that you can get for free is Photo Pos Pro. This software is only applicable for Windows. If you are using the Windows PC and looking for a great tool to edit the images without GIMP or Photoshop, you can always go for this image editing tool. You can easily use Photo Pos Pro to edit the images like fixing the saturation, lighting and contrast. However, you will be introduced to much more sophisticated techniques. It can boast the user-friendly interface. It is also completed with in-depth assisting system to help you getting started. If you think that you need to expand the editing tools of this software, you can always find some plugins and expansions. Aren’t you curious about the two free graphic design software mentioned above? If so, you can start downloading one of them to see if it suits your needs. Good luck!

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