Two Recommended Free Tools to Create Fonts

Talking about creating your own fonts, you may think that it’s complicated, especially when you think your handwriting is bad. Yet, this article will show you how it´s actually easy to design and create your own fonts. As long as you have the following recommended free tools to create fonts, you are good to go!

– Fontstruct
First, there is Fontstruct. It is a font building tool that you can get for free. This tool is made by the world’s leading digital type retailer called FontShop. This font building toll allows to construct your own fonts out of the geometrical shapes arranged in a pattern of grid/bricks/tiles.

Once you are done with your part in creating the font, this tool will do its job by generating TruType that is guaranteed to be high quality and that are ready to be occupied in both Windows and Mac application.

Two Recommended Free Tools to Create Fonts– BitfontMaker2
Then, we have BitfontMaker2. This font building app is actually the updated version from the previous font building tool named BitfontMaker. This tool can be found online. Using this font building tool lets you create, design, and then download your own font types. This tool also enables you to store the same font easily for your future reference.

With all the features provided by this tool, all you need to do when creating your own font is drawing every letter and also symbol on the tool’s glyphs map with a little bitmap. To help you to draw, you can visit BitFont Museum and then download BitFont creations from other users be it you lack of inspiration in creating your own.

Why need to pay when you can get those recommended free tools to create fonts? Not only do they provide you free access to make your own font, they also assist you along the way such as by providing ideas and reference. Cool enough, huh?

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