Best Letter Fonts for Blogging

Best Letter Fonts for Blogging – Despite the progressive development of vlogging, it’s safe to say that many people still prefer to do blogging. In fact, both media attract social media users in different ways. For blogging, you have to be strong on visual. One of the crucial aspects in blogging is its letter fonts. Attractive letter fonts will likely attract more people. If you’re a blogger, here are some recommended letter fonts for blogging.

1. Monsterrat
On the top of the list is Monsterrat, a letter font created by Julieta Ulanovsky. She was inspired by Signage and Old Posters. Basically, we can say that this letter font is a bit similar with Sans-Serif font, which is why this font is great for readability aspect. Monsterrat is best applied for page titles or headings like those used in online gambling sites. There are more at least 17 different font styles available of Monsterrat. This one matches best with Raleway and Open Sans font.

2. Ubuntu
Talking about best letter fonts for blogging, we just have to mention Ubuntu. In fact, this letter font is also the name of a famous open source operating system, which surely use Ubuntu font. Its edges make this letter font a proper font for any blogging or websites. There are at least 8 different weights available in Ubuntu, which makes this font the best option for graphic design or content body. It pairs best with Oswald and Open Sans in terms of elegance and professionalism.

3. Merriweather
This next font is one of the best fonts for any graphic works. What makes Merriweather readable is its thick form, which is designed for screens. This font is available in more than 5 styles is the best option for page titles or headings. That’s why this font is not recommended for a long reading font. It tends to produce some tiredness for eyes. Since this font as been featured in at least 2.700.000 websites, Merriweather pairs perfectly with Oswald font.

4. Vollkrom
Vollkrom is popularly used for its adoption and simplicity. This letter font is normally used for headings and article body. Pairing well with Roboto and Lato, Vollkrom is available in 8 different styles. What makes this font recommended is that this font doesn’t cause any stress on eyes.

With the right letter font, social media users tend to give more attention to your blog. However, you still have to put the context and match the letter font with your content.

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