Best Letter Fonts for Tattoo

Best Letter Fonts for Tattoo – When you decide to have a tattoo, there are many things you should consider. One thing is certain about what font font you want to display permanently on their body parts. Because it will remain permanent on your skin, you must ensure that you have chosen the font font carefully. If you still don’t know, here are some of the best font fonts for tattoos.

1. Scared Fear
Fearless scripts are undoubtedly worthy of the top list. This famous font font was originally designed by professional illustrator Chris Park who is famous for the kick-ass illustration font. This font itself is inspired by vintage sign boards and tattoo writing. This includes vector swash, alternatives, punctuation, numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters. The font font itself costs around $ 25 which is a very large amount

2. Fracture fracture
This next font is recommended for those who are crazy gothic tattoo style fans. In fact, Fette Fracture is the best gothic style font available on the market today. This font presents a large contrast between thin and thick strokes that carry a bit of parody without ignoring the singularity. Fetter Fracture is available for £ 30.

3. Angilla Tattoo
This tattoo font by Angilla Tattoo is the best choice for those who want their tattoo to be read without making it look soft. As you can see in the image below, this tattoo font is arguably legible but still has charm. Angilla Tatto displays lowercase and uppercase letters and various sets of calligraphy. This tattoo font is available for £ 32.99.

Best Letter Fonts for Tattoo

4. Mardian Pro
If you want to get legibility, the following fonts may not necessarily be the type of font you want. However, this font font designed by Vicky Mardian Indonesia offers more about taste. This is the type of font you need if you want to make a tattoo that has been sentenced for a long time. Mardian Pro is available at a price of £ 39.99.

5. Inked Script
Last but not least, there is another work by Chris Park. Compared to the previous one, Inked Script is definitely more like a script and lighter too. Just like Fearless Script, this font includes vector swash, alternatives, punctuation, numbers, lowercase letters and uppercase letters. Inked Script is available for $ 25 too.

Tattoo fonts are definitely a business that you have to do right, because that will remain permanent on your skin. So, are there five fonts that fit your style?

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