Small Things That Matters In Setting Perfect Font

Small Things That Matters In Setting Perfect Font – Congratulations! You have just found the suitable font for your design. However, something still feels off. The message is yet to be delivered in the most effective way. Should you choose another font or do something to make it work?

Font Style
First thing to do is checking what kind of personality you are trying to portray using the font. Surely you have used font personality chart to choose the font. Then why is it still lacking? Now try to look closely to the font. If you are going to send message of comfort, the font should have round edges. Using angular fonts will deliver the exact opposite; masculinity.

Another style to work on is slanted and straight. When the goal is delivering steadiness, then pick straight setting. Using slanted fonts will convey “do things fast” message. One more thing; be careful with lower case and upper case. It is not a mere size and style, but also a point of softness and stability. Any brands using upper case font shows superiority.

If you have worked with Microsoft Word before, this term would be quite familiar. You only need to click a button and the option will be out. For those who are not familiar with text editing, it only looks like bigger or smaller size. To tell the truth, every size has different places.
H1 is usually the option with biggest font size. It is used for title only. If you are indicating sections or points, then choose H2 or H3. What about content? Go with “paragraph” option. See how these simple rules change your font setting.

Typeface Combination
For one design, there should be at least two different fonts. Some people usually have the preference to have a pair of extremes. While it might work, finding “just right” combination is more preferable. In order to do this, you have to find similarity points.

If you decide to get fancy font, pair it with more neutral ones. Another shortcut to get perfect pair; you have to take both fonts from one typeface designer. He or she might have particular style implied in most of the work.

Keep in mind that great font is not the end of your setting job. There are more things to do to get good design. Changing one small detail might change the whole perspective. The good news is you could always refer to the list above anytime you are lost. Don’t forget to take notes!

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