Popular Photo Editing Techniques

Popular Photo Editing Techniques – So you have difficulty editing photos. There are lots of edited photos out there. It seems like you are the only one crawling on the ground. Instead of finding the formula manually, copying the latest photo editing trends will help a lot.

Soft Haze
Just as the name suggests, it gives a soft appearance to the image. The tone will be light and comfortable. So how can you make it?

First select an image with a dominant tone. Open the image in Photoshop. Select the “level adjustment” layer then “shadow output”. Set it to 40. Go to bright and contrast then set it to -40. For “hue / saturation”, make it -10. Finally, add the “solid color” layer. Find the perfect main color. If it’s purple, then find neutral purple; not too sharp, not too faded. Place it in the “soft light” setting with an opacity of 40%.

Old Film Photos
Even though negative films aren’t used anymore, the results are quite interesting. Thanks to a photo editor, you don’t need to buy an old camera and print a negative one. Just install Photoshop and follow these steps. Go to “adjustments” and set the main tone curve. Bend slightly in the middle.
Add layers for black and white and leave them as the initial settings. Select “soft light” and opacity 35%. Click light and contrast. Set the contrast to -10. Works on vibration adjustment (triangle icon). Set the vibration to +10. Go to saturation and set it to -10. For the final touch, you must set “exposure” to +0.40 then offset +0.05.

Color burst
The next photo editing technique is color bursting. This effect is good for highlighting certain tones. To begin, you must open the image in Photoshop. Select “adjustments” and choose the Hue / Saturation color. Select the color you want to improve.
On the slider below, slide to +40 for color. In the picture, you will see how the color explodes. If the color applies to more than one object, then do this step. Choose a brush tool with soft edges. Press X instead of painting the black layer.

There are many video tutorials for editing photos. It seems a little silly to try each tool and see how it works. No matter how excited and enthusiastic you are, beautiful photos are the end result that everyone is looking for. Try some of the popular settings above!

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