Most Recommended Letter Fonts for Designers

Most Recommended Letter Fonts for Designers – Anyone who works as graphic designers will agree that letter fonts take important role in their daily job. In some cases, letter fonts even can decide whether a design is a hit or a miss. Therefore, graphic designers should make real consideration before deciding which font they will use. Here is the list of most recommended letter fonts for designers.

1. Blacker
Blacker was originally designed as a wedge evil serif font. The font design itself was originally created by duo Andrea Tartarelli and Cosimo Lorenzo in the middle of 1970s when both of them were trying to evoke the importance of using letter fonts. As we know, technology was not this advanced and people weren’t really bothered about fonts in that era.
Familiarly known with Latin alphabet, this font comes with extended set of characters that is covering more than 70 languages, including the famous Russian Cyrillic. Furthermore, Blacker font family also features discretionary ligatures, many kinds of figures, including inferior and superior figures, alternate forms, fraction, and small caps, which makes it a suitable font for all sites.

2. Hermann
Hermann letter font is arguably new since it was just designed in early 2018 by Salvador Rodriguez and Diego Aravena. By looking at this picture below, we can agree that Herman font family is one of the most readable letter fonts at the moment.

The team who works on this font comes with the idea of duality, wildness and surrealism that appear frequently during the process of this design. Technically, Hermann doesn’t only present boldness and wildness but also provide accurate font in terms of legibility. This letter font is available in 10 unique variations, including bold and italic.

3. Sabon
Another letter font that any graphic designers should consider is Sabon. Originally designed by Jan Tschicold, this letter font was the best in 1960s. As a result, German Master Printers bought this font to be used in their product. At that time, they were the most profitable corporation in the country. More than five decades later on, this letter font is still frequently used. With its italic and bold styles, Sabon succeed to pass a casting machine requirement by Linotype.

In order to attract people to our product, proper letter fonts are necessary as a crucial part of the product. In some cases, it’s the letter font that stole the show rather than the whole product.

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