How to Edit Fonts Using Fontlab Studio

If you browse the internet, you can see that there are thousands of free fonts available to use. But, frequently, these free fonts can’t provide what you are looking for. Instead of spending so much time to find suitable fonts for your project, it will be more efficient if you can create your own typeface. Feel the excitement when you edit fonts using Fontlab Studio.

– What is Fontlab Studio?
Fontlab Studio is the standard font editor for Windows and macOS. This software is being implemented by Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Morisawa, Monotype, IBM and most of the font foundry all over the world. This software is very suitable for graphic design studios, typographers, expert type designers, and font foundries since it allows them to create the typefaces and design or adjust fonts.

This software also offers a full integrated workflow to create font, starting from the management of font family throughout multilingual glyph drawing, the spacing or kerning technique, up to manual and automatic hinting as well as Python scripting. Fontlab Studio also supports the formats of outline font from TrueType and OpenType to draw first type of PostScript, as well as Various Master Fonts to be as a pioneer to create Fonts of OpenType Variable.

How to Edit Fonts Using Fontlab Studio– Specialized Glyph Drawing
As mentioned previously, this software is equipped with qualified glyph drawing. This glyph drawing enables you to sketch from scrape or transform the scan images into wonderful outlines. Glyph drawing also makes it possible to do Bezier creation. Many designers or editors state that Fontlab Studio to be their preferred Bezier drawing tool.

It has the perfect combination of Eraser, Knife, Ellipse, Rectangle and Pen tools which enable them to make such precise Bezier curve. By using the freeform and numeric transformations, whether font-wide or manual, you will be able to modify your glyph quickly to suit your design.

How to Edit Fonts Using Fontlab StudioYou are also able for importing vectors or bitmaps, drawing and cleaning up. You can import EPS online artwork or copy-paste vectors which are in Adobe Illustrator. Whether you want to import the monochrome photos and then employ them as your drawing reference, or you want to draw them automatically into Bezier contour, you can do that with this software to optimize your type design specifically. You can clean up, correct, optimize and make simpler your Bezier contour using various smart algorithms to create such perfect quality.

You can do much more with this software to edit your desired fonts. You can download Fontlab Studio for free. Just try to edit fonts using Fontlab Studio and you will see the difference.

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