Two Recommended Font Editors You Should Try

Are you in need of new variations of font types you are using? Instead of downloading from the internet and ending up with not satisfactory font type, why don’t you make your own font type? You can occupy the following font editors to get the job done:

– FontCreator
With more that 4.5 million times downloaded, FontCreator is surely one of the most popular font editors among creatives. What makes this font editor favored by many users is the feature set that make this font editor suit professionals best. The interface of this font editor is straightforward, making it accessible to any users with any font editing skills.

Other great things about FontCreator is that it adds up 65, 535 glyphs per font. It also enables you to edit and or create OpenType fonts as well as TruType. You can also edit and or create WOFF (Web Open Font Format) fonts, and edit and or create scalable color fonts. Unfortunately, this font editor only can run in Windows.

Fontographer– Fontographer
If you are a fan of FontLab but are not able to afford to software, you can try Fontographer, a $399 font editor made by the same developers with FontLab. However, this font editor is ideally for small projects.

The cons of Fontographer include the tool that is easy to use, interface that is intuitive, and the processes that are automated. However, unlike FontCreator, Fontographer is only able to import and export fonts with font formats of 32, 000 glyphs. Yet, this font editor is more versatile than FontCreator for it can be used both in Windows and Mac platform.

FontCreator and Fontographer are the font editors creatives need. Although each of font editors above carries its own cons but the features are still reliable for professional needs of font editing. Make your font type as you like!

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