The Best Techniques for Photo Editing to Change your Photography

The Best Techniques for Photo Editing to Change your PhotographyIf you want to do such editing on your photography, you need to understand certain techniques that can make your photo stand out. However, if you just edit the image without knowing what you do, you will only make your photo becomes much worse. It even will lose its natural look. So, here are five best techniques for photo editing that you can apply in your photography.

– Using Various Blending Modes
To create such excellent images, you need to use some blending techniques at the same time. First, you can change the B&W layer into a soft light blend mode. You can also change the curve layer into luminosity. If you do so, you can affect the image contract rather than affecting the saturation and the contrast when it is set to the normal position.

– Using the Layer Masks
It is very important for judi bola players u to learn about these layer masks if you want to make such stand out edited images. You can use these layer masks along with Hue/Sat adjustment layer. These are to make some parts of the image such as legs, ears, hands, etc to be in the same tones because basically they often come uneven. You can use the hue/sat layer to the uneven skin and then use the layer masks to bring the effect.

– Crushing the Highlights by Curves
You can use the curve adjustment layer to make some contrast. Just use small S curve to do so. Adjust the top point of the curve down a bit and then add the second point near it to reduce the tonal range of the highlights. Don’t use this technique to all images. Just choose the higher key photo.

The Best Techniques for Photo Editing to Change your Photography– Using Frequency Separation
You can use this technique to smooth out the skin appearance. You can use it in moderation and sparingly. Apply this frequency separation to edit the clothes, backdrops, skies or anywhere that you think needs to be even out.

– Doing the Lighten and Darken with Clone Stamp Set
You can use this technique to lighten and darken the image. Basically, it is used for the background and the skies. Use it with about 15% opacity. Choose the areas on the image which don’t have too much detail.

These are some best techniques for photo editing that you need to learn about. You can practise using each technique separately before combining them all to edit your images. Make sure to always create natural photo.

Choosing Graphic Design Software: Things to Notice
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Choosing Graphic Design Software: Things to Notice

The best quality graphic design software is one of the most essential things that you have to own when you want to start to do your graphic editing project. It is because this particular software can really make your project so much simpler and easier to do. Unfortunately, there are some people who do not really know what to notice when choosing the graphic design software they need. Well, in case you are one of them, you better continue reading below.

There are actually several things that you really notice when you want to choose the best graphic design software. They are like:
• The functionality
One of the things that you have to really notice when you want to find the right graphic design software is its functionality. In the other words, you have to be able to select the right software that will give you the best features and assistances you need. So then, you will find that it can really make your graphic editing project get done in the simpler way. Moreover, it is so much necessary for you to pay more attention to the reviews and testimonies of the other users of the software. By doing so, you can find out whether the software you are going to choose is the perfect option for you or not.

Choosing Graphic Design Software, Things to Notice• The ease of use
Furthermore, the other thing that you have to is consider about how easy you can use the software. You have to ensure that the software that you will choose can show you the intuitive and well organized display. This kind of thing will definitely help you to operate the software effortlessly mainly if you practice often. So then, you can understand what you can do in order to do your tasks well using the stuff. At the same time, you do not have to spend too much time to master the basics as you can do it in minutes.

Thus, those are some things that you have to really notice carefully when you want to choose the best graphic design software. Additionally, do not ever forget to ensure that you download the software from the trusted source. You need to do it in order to prevent any scams and any unexpected things that lead you to troubles. After doing that, you will find that all of them can be the nice things that guide you to get what you are looking for, so that you will never regret having the software on your PC.

Editing Graphic: Tips You Have to Follow

Editing Graphic: Tips You Have to Follow

Editing graphic is one of the most challenging things to do especially when you want to create the excellent visual art. This particular thing will commonly take much of your time and energy as you have to do every single step so precisely. You have to ensure that you can pay more attention to the detailed things in order to make it as perfect as possible. Yet, if you have a problem in this kind of thing, it will be a great idea if you follow some tips which you can find out below.
Here are some tips that you can do when you want to begin your graphic editing project nicely, such as:

• Consider about the space
The first thing that you have to do is consider about the space of the graphic that you want to edit. In this case, it is so much important for you to make sure that you organize the image or the font by giving them the suitable space. In order to make it simple for you, all you have to do is to never increase or decrease the space for every single element of the graphic excessively. The reason why you have to do it is because the improper spacing will ruin your graphic so awfully. You will find that the letters and the image will not be quite eyes pleasing as it cannot read or seen clearly.

• Play with colors
Moreover, the second thing that you cannot miss is the right composition of the colors. In this case, it will be good for you to make a color scheme that has 1 to 3 primary colors and 1 to 3 secondary colors that can complete each other well. In the other hand, you can choose the different tones of the same color in order to make the overall outlook of your graphic so unified and attractive at once. Then, all you have to do manage the brightness and contrast of the color in order to make sure that the fonts in the graphic are readable.

Thus, those are some of the tips that you have to follow when you want to edit your graphic fabulously. However, do not ever forget to keep everything simple when you mix the fonts and the images. By doing so, you can make the graphic can create the nice impression to whoever that sees it. In the end, the graphic you make will be able to deliver the message that you mean for sure.

The Notable Free Graphic Design Software to Choose

The Notable Free Graphic Design Software to Choose

Designing a graphic can be something that is so fun for you to do. It is because you can play with your creativity and imagination in order to create a cool graphic design that can please the eyes of everyone who sees. So then, you can catch their attention in the best way possible which is so awesome. However, designing a graphic can be something that will challenge you as well mainly if you consider about some techniques that you have to master to make your graphic designing projects get done well. Fortunately, there are various options of notable free graphic design software to choose. So, let’s check them out below.

Here is some of the notable free graphic design software that you can choose to support your project nicely, such as:
• Canva
One of free graphic design software you better choose is Canva which can be your perfect images editor font combination picker, color palette tool, photo collage maker, and so on. Besides, you can also find the excellent features that you will like so much, which can be like numerous image design elements, dedicated infographic maker, many optional fonts, and etc. So, it is so clear that the combination of all those functions will be the wonderful conveniences that can make your project so much easier to do. There will be no difficulties that you have to face when you edit your images using the stuff. Thus, according to this particular fact, it is so recommended for you to get this software as soon as possible

• Vectr
Then, the other free graphic design software is Vectr which will be so suitable for Windows, ChromeOS, and Linux. You can actually use this app to create or edit the 2D vector graphics as well as you can because it has been complemented with some remarkable features which are fonts, shadows, filters, and etc. All of those features will really help you to create the versatile and fabulous graphic designs that suit your requirements and expectations amazingly. So then, you will never regret it once you have installed it in your desktop.

In conclusion, those are some of the notable free graphic design software that you better choose. Basically, each of them will definitely be the right solution to make you able to make marvelous graphic designs that you really want. So, you do not need to spend much money, time, and energy to do your project splendidly.

What Does Matter to a Graphic Editing Project?
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What Does Matter to a Graphic Editing Project?

A graphic editing project is a kind of fun thing that can excite you in the best way because it will give you the chance to create interesting graphic based on your imagination and creativity. So then, you will be able to deliver what you mean in the unique and distinctive way surely. Yet, what are the things that really matter when you create or edit the amazing graphic? In case you want to find out the answers, it will be great if you continue reading below.

There are actually several things that you cannot ignore when you create or edit a graphic, which are like:

• The contents
It is so much necessary for you to ensure that the graphic you want to edit have the balanced contents. In the simple words, you have to make both of the pictures and the letters have the suitable portion as they need to complement each other well. Aside of that, you have to be able to measure the space needed to show the main goals of the graphic. You have to be able to decide whether the elements of the graphic should be in large or narrow space. By doing so, you can really create the awesome right illustration that represents what you want to express to other as well as possible with nothing to miss.

• The visual quality
It is a must for you to apply the best visual quality in order to complete your  graphic editing project surely. In this phase, you have to ensure that you choose the particular photo or image that can suit your criteria in the most excellent way. Simply, you have to confirm that the elements of the graphic, which can be brightness, contrast, composition, clarity and so many more, are in a good condition. So then, you do not need to reproduce them excessively, which can make the project harder to finish. Nevertheless, if you can handle each of those aspects well, you will find that they can support your visual art so that it can show its goals or meaning that you want to deliver to everyone who sees it.

Additionally, the price of the graphic editing project is the other thing that you cannot ignore at all. It is good for you to make cost estimation, so that you can find out whether the project suits your budget or not. So, you do not have to break your bank account so badly when you want to start the project.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Editing the Photo
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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Editing the Photo

If you are working for some publishers then you must need to ensure that your photos are on their best quality. However, to avoid such unnecessary mistakes when editing the photo, you need to consider several things so that your photos will not look surreal.

Less Editing is always Better
The old saying, “less is more” is suitable for the photo editing. If you make too many edits, you will just make your photos to be unnatural. You may also create some color contrasts which only make your photos feel dull. Basically, the best photos come from a good photo. It means that when you set your camera right and is also supported with a perfect lighting.

Avoid Doing Over-Cropping
To create such great photo editing, you need to stay away from doing unnecessary cropping. If you do the work for a client and you want to make such perfect pictures to be displayed, you need to know what kind of photo application to use. It is stated that the best photo is actually the full photo.

You just need to print the image beforehand and see what you need to do to make it better before you do the cutting and editing. To get precise photo for your client, you can also ask them about how they use the photo later on. It can help you determine which part is best cropped.

Skin Smoothing Methods
If you want to smooth the skin appearance on the photo, you can work next to its original image to see if you do some over-editing which makes the skin become more unnatural and look like a plastic. It is okay for a Barbie doll to have a plastic skin, but it doesn’t work on people’s skins. Make sure that the appearance of the skins look natural. You can try editing the uneven skin color if you want to.

Know More about Layers and Actions
Other common mistake when editing photo is not to apply the layer and actions methods correctly. If you don’t make use them well, your final photo will just look like that a child was playing with the photo editor. You will have great photo if you can implement professional photo layering method. However, it needs lots of practice.

So, make sure to avoid these mistakes when editing the photo. Always ensure that your edited photo looks natural and classic. Don’t do any over-editing which can only make the photo worse than before being edited.

Best Image Editing Tips for Newbies
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Best Image Editing Tips for Newbies

The current improvement of technology seems to urge us to have great ability of image editing. Many internet users especially social media users seem to see this skill as a mandatory for the sake of their cool news feed.

For beginners, here agen poker online have best image editing tips for newbies so that you too can have interesting images on your social media:

– Improving Composition
Before you adjust any issues with your images’ tones and colors, the first thing you need to deal with is improving the composition of your images. To do this, first, download any start image and then in Photoshop Elements, click File > Open. The image will be opened in the Expert workspace of the Photoshop Element. Sort the composition problem first before managing any other elements of the images.

– Setting Up the Crop Tool
Next, set up the crop tool by grabbing the [C]. Then find the Options bar and select Use Photo Ration. This feature lets you create a cropped shot having the same shape as the original photo. Then, you need to set the image’s Resolution up to 240 pixels to make high quality and detailed print. Click and then drag the crop window so that you can cover the whole shot.

Best Image Editing Tips for Newbies– Rule of Thirds
Lastly, select the option of Rule of Thirds. To do this, you need to drag the handle at the bottom right corner to tighten your crop window around the object you want to keep and to crop. This rule of thirds will help you set the focus of your image. Adjust accordingly.

In conclusion, best image editing tips for newbies from which you can develop your image editing skills are improving the composition of your images, setting up the crop tool, and adjusting your image to get the rule of thirds.

How to Easily Edit Images without Photoshop

How to Easily Edit Images without Photoshop

Talking about editing images, Photoshop will more likely be the first software coming to our mind. No doubts, the ability of this software are sophisticated. However, how if we don’t have Photoshop installed in our devices? Can we still edit images well? Yes, of course! Here is how to edit images without Photoshop:

– Canva
Don’t worry if you don’t have Photoshop installed in your computer as you have Canva. You don’t need to install anything to your device to be able to access this website for your web browser will do the job. This tool has been used by many Istagrammers and bloggers because this image editing tool is easy to use even if you have limited experience in editing an image on your computer.

Using this image editing tool, you can overlay text, shapes, icons, and borders onto your images. Besides, there are fifteen types of filters you can choose for your images. You can also adjust intensity, saturation, brightness, and many other elements of your images through this tool.

MacOS’ Preview and Photo– MacOS’ Preview and Photo
Are you an Apple product user? You don’t need Photoshop then! You already have built-in image editing software on your Mac. To add and edit your image, simply click or tap Markup button. To find the options of adjusting size and color of your image, click the Tools Menu. Once you are done retouching your images, export your images in any file format you want. If you use this app in your iPhone, you are able to play around with the feature of automatic enhancement, color parameters, and special filter effects.

Photoshop isn’t a sole app you can rely on in editing your images. Those two image editing tools are the answer to how to easily edit images without Photoshop. Editing images is now as easy as opening our browser or use the in-built app in our device.

How to Edit Fonts Using Fontlab Studio

How to Edit Fonts Using Fontlab Studio

If you browse the internet, you can see that there are thousands of free fonts available to use. But, frequently, these free fonts can’t provide what you are looking for. Instead of spending so much time to find suitable fonts for your project, it will be more efficient if you can create your own typeface. Feel the excitement when you edit fonts using Fontlab Studio.

– What is Fontlab Studio?
Fontlab Studio is the standard font editor for Windows and macOS. This software is being implemented by Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Morisawa, Monotype, IBM and most of the font foundry all over the world. This software is very suitable for graphic design studios, typographers, expert type designers, and font foundries since it allows them to create the typefaces and design or adjust fonts.

This software also offers a full integrated workflow to create font, starting from the management of font family throughout multilingual glyph drawing, the spacing or kerning technique, up to manual and automatic hinting as well as Python scripting. Fontlab Studio also supports the formats of outline font from TrueType and OpenType to draw first type of PostScript, as well as Various Master Fonts to be as a pioneer to create Fonts of OpenType Variable.

How to Edit Fonts Using Fontlab Studio– Specialized Glyph Drawing
As mentioned previously, this software is equipped with qualified glyph drawing. This glyph drawing enables you to sketch from scrape or transform the scan images into wonderful outlines. Glyph drawing also makes it possible to do Bezier creation. Many designers or editors state that Fontlab Studio to be their preferred Bezier drawing tool.

It has the perfect combination of Eraser, Knife, Ellipse, Rectangle and Pen tools which enable them to make such precise Bezier curve. By using the freeform and numeric transformations, whether font-wide or manual, you will be able to modify your glyph quickly to suit your design.

How to Edit Fonts Using Fontlab StudioYou are also able for importing vectors or bitmaps, drawing and cleaning up. You can import EPS online artwork or copy-paste vectors which are in Adobe Illustrator. Whether you want to import the monochrome photos and then employ them as your drawing reference, or you want to draw them automatically into Bezier contour, you can do that with this software to optimize your type design specifically. You can clean up, correct, optimize and make simpler your Bezier contour using various smart algorithms to create such perfect quality.

You can do much more with this software to edit your desired fonts. You can download Fontlab Studio for free. Just try to edit fonts using Fontlab Studio and you will see the difference.


The Best Free Graphic Design Software for Newbie

It is true that graphic design software can be quite expensive to purchase. Some of them may also be prohibited for those who are just starting the graphic design project. But, it doesn’t imply that they don’t have money to purchase or to subscribe the software. If you are looking for some free graphic design software, you can use one of the software below.

Image Editing Software– Image Editing Software
Though paid-for creative software such as Adobe Creative Cloud Suits is always recommended for a freebie, you can always go for the free edition to execute the groundwork. Although they are free, they have the best features which can be compared to some famous name packages.


– Canva
This image editing software can be operated by using the platform like Android, iOS and browser. Although being categorized under the image editing software, Canva is actually able to do more than that. It is a photo collage maker, learning source, font combination picker, colour palette tool, a photo editor, and also as the infographic maker which is equipped with hundreds of free fonts and design elements. To make it outstanding, Canva is also completed with full graphic design suite more than Adobe Creative Cloud can offer. The simplicity, the variety of valuable tools, as well as its inspiring learning assets what makes Canva stand out. You can use this software from your browser. However, if you are looking for more complete tools, you need to access Canva from your iOS and Android apps.

Photo Pos Pro– Photo Pos Pro
Other outstanding graphic design software that you can get for free is Photo Pos Pro. This software is only applicable for Windows. If you are using the Windows PC and looking for a great tool to edit the images without GIMP or Photoshop, you can always go for this image editing tool. You can easily use Photo Pos Pro to edit the images like fixing the saturation, lighting and contrast. However, you will be introduced to much more sophisticated techniques. It can boast the user-friendly interface. It is also completed with in-depth assisting system to help you getting started. If you think that you need to expand the editing tools of this software, you can always find some plugins and expansions. Aren’t you curious about the two free graphic design software mentioned above? If so, you can start downloading one of them to see if it suits your needs. Good luck!

Photo Editing Techniques for Best Quality

Photo Editing Techniques for Best Quality

You can see Photoshop as an editing tool to manipulate the images. If you happen to observe the photographs that you might see, you can figure out that those images are not the images took straight from camera. There are several editing techniques which have been applied.

– Flattening Out the Raw Image
This technique is considered to be the basic editing that you need to do. You can consider it as the solid foundation for your photo editing. Start using Camera Raw before starting to make any necessary adjustment in Photoshop. Open the images through Camera Raw and modify their color exposure of temperature if you need to.
Before being edited in the Photoshop, make sure that you have flatten out the images so that they seen to be quite ugly and boring. If you have made it flatten out, you can get your expected contrast when you edit them in Photoshop. If you don’t flatten out the images, then you will have lots of natural contrasts. Consequently, when editing the images in Photoshop, you won’t be able to make them perfect and only create much more contrasts.

Photo Editing Techniques for Best Quality– Starting to Learn How to Do Perfect Dodge and Burn
Everyone enjoys dodging and burning when it comes to image editing. You can shape the light to your own preference. Basically, there are many techniques that you can do to dodge and burn. To make less destructive result on the photo, you can use one curve adjustment set for a darker exposure and one set for a brighter exposure. Then, use the layer mask and brushes to implement the dodging and burning to the spots that you want. You can also use this dodging and burning technique in Photoshop. It can also be used to manipulate the highlights, midtones, and the shadows. The members can also use this technique to even out the skin tones, to lighten or darken one side of the photo, or to make such transition from light to dark or from dark to light on the photo.

– Making Use of the Healing Brush
Instead of using the spot healing brush, you can just use the healing brush. By using this brush, you can choose your own source points. You can use the healing brush to get rid of the pimples, skin inconsistencies, or even any distractions on the image background. You can also use this brush on sports or landscapes shots.
These are some useful editing techniques that you can do if you want to make some photo adjustment using Photoshop. Best of luck!

Two Recommended Font Editors You Should Try
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Two Recommended Font Editors You Should Try

Are you in need of new variations of font types you are using? Instead of downloading from the internet and ending up with not satisfactory font type, why don’t you make your own font type? You can occupy the following font editors to get the job done:

– FontCreator
With more that 4.5 million times downloaded, FontCreator is surely one of the most popular font editors among creatives. What makes this font editor favored by many users is the feature set that make this font editor suit professionals best. The interface of this font editor is straightforward, making it accessible to any users with any font editing skills.

Other great things about FontCreator is that it adds up 65, 535 glyphs per font. It also enables you to edit and or create OpenType fonts as well as TruType. You can also edit and or create WOFF (Web Open Font Format) fonts, and edit and or create scalable color fonts. Unfortunately, this font editor only can run in Windows.

Fontographer– Fontographer
If you are a fan of FontLab but are not able to afford to software, you can try Fontographer, a $399 font editor made by the same developers with FontLab. However, this font editor is ideally for small projects.

The cons of Fontographer include the tool that is easy to use, interface that is intuitive, and the processes that are automated. However, unlike FontCreator, Fontographer is only able to import and export fonts with font formats of 32, 000 glyphs. Yet, this font editor is more versatile than FontCreator for it can be used both in Windows and Mac platform.

FontCreator and Fontographer are the font editors creatives need. Although each of font editors above carries its own cons but the features are still reliable for professional needs of font editing. Make your font type as you like!

Two Recommended Free Tools to Create Fonts
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Two Recommended Free Tools to Create Fonts

Talking about creating your own fonts, you may think that it’s complicated, especially when you think your handwriting is bad. Yet, this article will show you how it´s actually easy to design and create your own fonts. As long as you have the following recommended free tools to create fonts, you are good to go!

– Fontstruct
First, there is Fontstruct. It is a font building tool that you can get for free. This tool is made by the world’s leading digital type retailer called FontShop. This font building toll allows to construct your own fonts out of the geometrical shapes arranged in a pattern of grid/bricks/tiles.

Once you are done with your part in creating the font, this tool will do its job by generating TruType that is guaranteed to be high quality and that are ready to be occupied in both Windows and Mac application.

Two Recommended Free Tools to Create Fonts– BitfontMaker2
Then, we have BitfontMaker2. This font building app is actually the updated version from the previous font building tool named BitfontMaker. This tool can be found online. Using this font building tool lets you create, design, and then download your own font types. This tool also enables you to store the same font easily for your future reference.

With all the features provided by this tool, all you need to do when creating your own font is drawing every letter and also symbol on the tool’s glyphs map with a little bitmap. To help you to draw, you can visit BitFont Museum and then download BitFont creations from other users be it you lack of inspiration in creating your own.

Why need to pay when you can get those recommended free tools to create fonts? Not only do they provide you free access to make your own font, they also assist you along the way such as by providing ideas and reference. Cool enough, huh?

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